Space Jewels collection: Sapphire Nebula, Emerald Nebula, Amber Nebula fudge d6.

A Dice Odyssey

Created by Gio Lasar Design

Spice up your sci-fi RPG adventures with the mysterious HAL d20.01 and three gorgeous, easy to read, space-themed polyhedral dice sets. UPDATE: New Nebula colors for the Fudge d6! Sky's Edge full sets are still available in very limited quantity. BEWARE! Terrible news 😧 Cursed Constellation Dice, rolling Badly, have escaped their Marble Chest on Sunday Night, determined to haunt your orders. Nothing could stop them. Please beware purchasing from the store until Halloween, because you WILL find one in your shipment. Your order will be shipped from Italy, using untracked priority mail, as this proved reliable and much less expensive. Please consider two to six weeks for delivery. Discover, JCB, Diners Club credit card might refuse international payments. Paypal accepted.

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